Dear pair of eyeballs, I hope you are doing well and that you find yourself in the middle of a great day. I’m Mollie Bryan, and here’s a bit of information about myself and my art! As is the case for many artists, my art is born out of a need to create. I have a need to express myself; my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams and my soul, through visual mediums to connect myself with humanity (yes, I’m referring to you, pair of eyeballs). My visceral reactions to the world around me inspire me, and through my art, I hope to pass that inspiration on to others as well. Recycling creativity is my vision. My work is also a product of my other love: music. All of my art is somehow connected to the music that moves my soul during creative moments. It works through me, and I through it. The layers, textures and playful nature of my work is music and my soul in tune, visualized. Embracing this love affair has given birth to a direction that I want to continue to explore. And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our brief time together. Let’s do it again soon, yes?

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